Blogging for Change


“Simply put, writing continues to powerfully influence us, not only as individuals, but also as a collective humanity.”

In a time where millions of programs and applications can be placed on tiny pieces of silicon, it is amazing how literature is still a powerful and relevant tool that shapes and even creates culture.  Although a dedication to what some would call “true literature” (those books that you were supposed to read in your college lit. classes) has decreased, people still read and write quite prolifically, and even as technology advances, this ancient form of communication remains.

People still refer to thousands-of-years-old symbols to delineate moving stories, publicize historical events, and advance world-impacting agendas. Articles on current events, hobbies, and religious views can be read at anytime with not but a tap and a swipe.  Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, all essentially ubiquitous in our culture, serve as platforms for people to communicate ideas through writing, whether they be good or bad; relevant or utterly useless.  Simply put, writing continues to powerfully influence us, not only as individuals, but also as a collective humanity.

As a follower of Christ, this knowledge behooves me to write, and not only that, but to do my best to write well.  By this I don’t necessarily mean that my articulation and rhetoric have to be better than those of other writers (thank God)–what I mean is that I must write in such a way as to utilize this powerful medium to help people find the life, meaning, and freedom that flows from a relationship with Jesus, who is the source of all these things.

This is the justification for this blog, and I pray that it would be a blessing to whoever reads it.  Not only that, I hope that this would be a platform for not just one writer, but rather, that it would be teeming with the diversity of God’s church, and resultantly, be a picture of the ingenuity and creativity of God, revealed through the unique personalities of his beloved children.

Please be on the lookout for some excellent posts, and have grace for those that, maybe aren’t as good. I hope that those who know and love God will continue to utilize various media in order to promote the counter-culture of Jesus’ life and love, and have it invade every recess of human existence.

Blessing and peace to you in Jesus name.

-Daniel Hoh